Game of Hair



Level of Difficulty: Moderate

• Start by taking two small sections (from either side) from the mid-way down back of your head, and begin plating these sections together.
• Take a small section of hair from the top of each side of the head and twist the stands to the ends, pinning away from the face.
• Tie twists into one large ponytail and lay above the large braid.
• Take two large sections of hair from the temple area and loosely braid across your head towards the back.
• Combine the ponytail, two braided sections, and back braid into one braid.
• Tousle the free  owing hair to separate
your newly done plait, liberally
spray with hairspray and go ‘hang out’
with your brother.


Level of Difficulty: Easy

margery• Braid partially damp hair and leave over night to create subtle waves through your hair for light texture.
• Loosely pull out braid in the morning (or to preserve waves no more than 2 hours before an event) and comb through any knots that may have occurred.
• Take small sections of hair from around the temple area and twist through to the ends, away from your face and pin at the back of your head.
• Take larger sections from underneath the same area and repeat the above process, pin in place underneath the original section.
• Braid both sections together at the end and tie together at the ends
• Repeat on other side.


Level of Difficulty: Easy with Friend’s Assistance or Moderate on Your Own

sansa• Part hair in the centre from the front all the way to the back.
• Section o one or two inches on either side of the part.
• French braid one section until it reaches the end of the part.
• Repeat on other side.
• Braid the ends of the two French braids together and secure in palace
• Curl the free  owing hair and liberally spray with hair spray.


Level of Difficulty: Easy
mellisandraBegin by centre parting your hair.
• Section o a large section of your hair at the front which will be le lose to frame face.
• At the back section o top part of your hair (above the ears) on both side and braid together.
• Twin braid into a bun and pin securely against your head.
• For added volume keep sectioning parts of your hair and secure around the bun, keep doing this until you feel the bun is large enough, but make sure you still have enough hair loose underneath the bun.


Level of Difficulty: Difficult
danny• Take a large section of hair from the top of each side of each side of the
head and Dutch braid it back.
• A Dutch Braid is the same as a French braid, except each section of
hair is braided under rather than over.
• Tie braids together into a ponytail at the back of the head.
• Take another section of hair on each side and Dutch braid it backwards.
• Tie braids together and include the ponytails from the  rst braid.
• Leave the rest of the hair straight, or you can use a barrel curler to create
so waves.



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