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BSFThis year sees the return of Bangor Science Festival, a series of events running from 15-22 March with interactive demonstrations, debates, talks and activities for all ages. The Hidden Worlds Exhibition takes place on Saturday 16th, and welcomes visitors into university science facilities including the aquarium and natural history museum, as well as tours and talks on the cutting-edge research taking place in the North West Cancer Research Institute. Amongst a variety of films, talks and activities, there is also an exhibition of science photography and art.

For those wanting to get their hands dirty, there is a Wild Science Day at Treborth Botanic Garden on Sunday 17th, with family-friendly activities like moth watching, pond dipping and bug hunting. There is also a guided walk around Cwm Idwal, a lake which has been historically important in geology research, and inspired scientists such as Charles Darwin.

The university continues its commitment to engaging with the public, with a range of educational and career-focused activities for local schools, and an interview with Nobel Prize winner Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, which is to be broadcast on the BBC Radio Wales’ Science Cafe programme. There will also be a public talk on ‘the wettest drought on record’ by world expert Prof. Geraint Vaughan on Fri 22nd, investigating the high rainfall and flooding of 2012. Organisers say

The aim of Bangor Science Festival is to get everyone talking about, and engaging with science. Getting the next generation interested in Science is so important to us, science and technology is exciting and we want everyone to come and experience the ground breaking science that is happening in Bangor University every day.

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