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There’s no doubt about it, we’ve all relied on our TV’s more than ever this year. Whether the news has been turned on as a portal to the constantly changing world outside or the sigh of relief when you find out there’s a new Netflix series out, the box has been through it all. Without it, our lives inside our homes would surely be missing something- and that’s not just the thing on the wall next to the bookcase. Because of our reliance on this device, it has meant that other arts institutions are losing out. Cinemas have seen a huge loss in sales this year, as new blockbuster hopefuls have made their way straight to streaming platforms in light of the continuing pandemic. It’s wonderful that family films such as Mulan can be made accessible to viewers, but could this mean a goodbye to the ultimate, original cinema experience?

While it can be considered as a novelty for many, the home cinema has fast become a new reality as the safer option to experience films from the comfort of viewers’ sofas. After the temporary closure of 128 Cineworlds across the UK, the very thought of travelling to a theatre or cinema appears to be a faraway thought. And now that we have waved goodbye to outdoor cinemas as winter draws in, here’s a few tips for you when making your own home cinema in your living room…

1.) Make it comfy (as much as possible). Fairy lights, blankets, duvets and maybe even the onesie you have lying around in your wardrobe – if you haven’t already got them, these are all really good investments.

2.) Plenty of snacks! Now one of the perks about a cinema from home is that you’ll never be too far away from the kitchen, and it’ll be much more cost efficient if you make your own. Personal favourites would be a bowl of nachos for one (or more), or a classic hot chocolate;  you really can’t go wrong!

3.) Friends! Whether it’s a night in with your house/flatmates or you’re hosting a virtual Netflix party, it’s still possible to have fun socially distanced from other households! Just don’t fight over the remote or account, please!

4.) Dress up! You could make a themed movie night to jazz things up a bit. Some may be harder than others, but it’s up to you how much effort you put in! Think Clueless, James Bond, or a scary film – match what you wear with the movie!

5.) And finally, your film of choice! You may find you’re spoilt for choice when looking through the growing list of streaming sites, but thankfully they’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can search by genre, title or even actor! It’s just so easy now, you see…



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