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Amanda Bynes all grown up

After a long day of playing and drawing at primary school, I enjoyed nothing more than relaxing in front of an episode of The Amanda Show when I got home. I used to laugh out loud as I watched sketches of ‘Hill Billy Moments’ and Judge Judy, who’s Dancing Lobsters I always joined in with. My obsession with the show meant I could easily relate with Penelope, Amanda’s number one fan who created ‘’, and I would proudly use the catchphrase ‘not a problem’ every time I fell over. I must admit that Totally Kyle, who had long blond hair, wore tie dye T-shirts and gave Brian May a run for his money was my first crush. And I always loved the girl who really liked eggs in ‘The Girl’s Room’. Even today I struggle to say the name of the show without singing the theme tune. I still don’t understand how Moody’s mother managed to stay floating in a hot air balloon for so long, without it deflating. Now, when I re-watch episodes (not that I do that often, I swear) I can’t help but laugh at how young Drake and Josh look, and I still find the sketches incredibly funny. However, I don’t know whether that means it’s a timeless classic or whether my sense of humour has just never grown up.


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