The Worst TV Shows of the 90s


Does anyone remember the TV series Clueless? Yeah, me neither. There’s a reason for this. It’s because it was so terrible. Nothing compared to its film predecessor. The first reason why it was such a failure was that it didn’t star Alicia Silverstone as Cher. The second was that it kept the same characters but had a different cast, apart from Stacey Dash who played Cher’s best friend Dionne. Also she was way too old to play a high school teen – she was 33 years old, and she looked it. Sorry Stacey, but it’s a pet-hate of mine when actors are hired to play high-schoolers but they don’t look it at all. Will all casting directors please employ actual teenagers to play teenagers?

Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker

Another god-awful show was Tracy Beaker. Please don’t berate me for this. She was such a bad influence. I remember constantly quoting her famous catchphrase ‘Bog off’ to my younger sister, who at the time didn’t understand this insult and consequently shouted ‘bog off’ to unknowing bystanders in the street. The result was multiple scoldings from my parents and we were banned from watching it (when they were present anyway). So I will forever hold a grudge against Tracy Beaker. Also why did she always pretend that she had hay fever when she was in fact crying? Just admit that you were crying Tracy, stop pretending you would lose your non-existent street cred. Just bog off.



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