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South Park
Whenever I’m feeling low, this is the show I watch. South Park, for me, is comfort television. No matter how bad things may seem, South Park is the one show that never fails to make me laugh. The show has spawned countless memes and catchphrases (“Oh my God, they killed Kenny” anyone?) which can obscure how sharp the comedy can be. Of course, there’s still plenty of disgusting jokes and swearing children (two things which I approve of heartily) and that’s what keeps the fans coming back for more.


Secret Diary of a Callgirl
After watching the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary episode, I was hit by a massive Billie Piper craving. I turned to this show for a fix, and after devouring eight episodes I can comfortably say that this show is a new favourite. Starring Billie Piper as a London call girl, this show is a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I didn’t think that a TV show about prostitution would be full of laughs, but I am quite happy to be proven wrong. And there’s loads of comedic sex scenes, if you like that sort of thing (I definitely do.)


Orange Is The New Black
A Netflix production (meaning you won’t find this show anywhere else), Orange Is The New Black is, without a doubt, my favourite new show of the year. The show tells the (very loosely adapted) true story of Piper Kerman, who was arrested for drug trafficking and sent to an all-female prison. The show features an amazing ensemble cast of actors, and each one plays their part to perfection. Be warned though: If you’re anything like me (i.e. someone who cries at the drop of a hat.) this show will probably make you cry. A lot. Prepare the Kleenex.


The Thick of It

On paper, The Thick of It doesn’t sound like the most riveting tv show. Whenever I recommend a sitcom depicting bumbling British politicians who always seem to get it wrong, I can see people’s eyes glaze over. But if there’s anything that British comedians do well, it’s political humour, and this show is no exception. The slight disdain that most British people feel towards politicians translates into this show, resulting in a comedy that is the perfect mix of second-hand embarrassment and vulgar language (courtesy of the 13th doctor, Peter Capaldi.)


Arrested Development
I am fanatical about Arrested Development, in the same way that pre-teen girls are about Justin Bieber. If it were possible to marry a TV show, I would be down on one knee in front of Arrested Development in seconds. If the creator of Arrested Development asked for my first-born child in exchange for an Arrested Development film, then I’d hurl my child at him in excitement. I love this show, is what I’m trying to say. And so will you, if you enjoy comedies about dysfunctional families with so many jokes that repeated viewings are essential.



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