SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Flash Drive


Many of us on a student budget cannot afford the luxuries of a top-end phone with all the storage we need, especially when the operating system seems to be taking up more and more memory so that we are left with little space for our precious memories or music. Another problem many of us have is transferring files from one device to another, we do not always have a USB cable or it’s just not practical to store some files on our phones so what is there left to do?

Well if you are on Android with a micro-USB connector I may have the answer you have been looking for with the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB. This device contains both USB 3.0, and a micro-USB connector enabling you to easily transfer files between your computer and mobile device as well as back up with the help of SanDisk Memory Zone.

The SanDisk Ultra only costs £9.95 for 32GB or £6.95 for 16GB which is a pretty good price for a standard USB 3.0 drive from such a reputable company. I have not been able to find a suitable comparator for Apple devices although some third parties do exist you should approach with caution.

Before ordering yourself that extra storage it is important to make sure that your device is On The Go (OTG) compatible. If you already have a multitude of flash drives you may want to consider investing in an OTG cable which will not only enable you to use a standard drive with your device, but also a variety of other accessories with your device.


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