Crafting During Lockdown


Photos by Bangor University Crafts Society

Throughout the summer, the Bangor University Crafts Society has tried to help its members keep away the boredom with a 30-day Crafts Challenge – each day was dedicated to a creative challenge, ranging from rock painting and bird feeders to pot hangers and rubbish upcycling.

By using material that is usually readily available at home, could be recycled or easily collected from the garden and surrounding areas, the challenges were affordable, environmentally conscious, and easily followed during the lockdown.

Headed by the Crafts committee, each prompt was published with a list of material requirements, a picture of the completed challenge, as well as video instructions from the committee members. The prompts were published on the Facebook pages of both the Bangor University Crafts Society and the Bangor Corona Community, where they are still available for anyone interested in crafting or learning a new skill.


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