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Anna Selbmann is a second year student at Bangor University studying Marine Vertebrate Zoology, it could therefore be considered quite surprising that in her spare time she enjoys nothing more than crafting, in particular creating paper crafts.

All year round Anna is on the lookout for interesting paper and collects it for her crafting projects. Most of the crafting work is completed in a few

concentrated weeks when Anna is home from University. Together with her mother Anna is able to create wonderful handmade items which range from handmade and bound books, to decorative stars for the Christmas period.

Anna’s favourite to make are the books, these are made by following a number of essential steps and the end product as seen (above right) are unique and magnificent.


The steps taken to create these books are: firstly the pages are sewn together, then the outer cardboard which is covered with a choice of paper. The inner and outer sections are then lined up and stuck together.This is the most complex part of the process as to achieve a high finish the must be completely aligned.

Although the most complicated to make, the books are Anna’s favourite due to the level of satisfaction gained by completing such a finicky product.

Most of the items created are sold via an online shop which is managed by Anna, whilst her mother is in charge of sending the items out to customers.

However it will be possible for all at Bangor to see and sample Anna’s work too, as she has been successful in booking a stall at the Student Christmas Market. Head on down and support student crafters this Christmas.



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