Wendy & Peter


Wendy and Peter

By Ana Victoria


She sat up high in her room,

‘Twas just her and the warming sun

And tiny flowers of cherry bloom

And she loved each and every one…


She’s been up there for so long,

I bet she forgot how to feel

Heartbroken but she carried on,

Never questioning is it real.


The nearby train shook the windows

As I screamed over the fence,

‘Darling you’ll be alright,

Let’s leave this town in past tense.


Let’s leave this town for a while,

See everything you want to.

It will be just you and I,

You’ll be loved like you never knew.’


She asked where we would go?

‘Here police sirens never sleep,

I want to go where time runs slow,

But I got so used to this street…’


‘Please, let’s run away together,

Get the hell out of this town.

Everything’s less complicated

When you are the only one around.


‘Please follow me and let’s fly…’

And the sun slowly went down

She took a breath and closed her eyes

She descended lightly on the ground…



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