Your Sabbatical Officer Update-Harry Riley


It’s almost 2020, what a daunting prospect… Since the last one of these I’ve been mad busy with preparing for the General Election! I’ve also attended a Higher Education Funding Council for Wales conference on student mental health and wellbeing which was super insightful. At that event we also gave Kirsty Williams, Wales’ education minister, our brand new student led mental health strategy which she said she’d read on the train! I hope she was impressed because it was led by you guys and the only way to better the student experience is to listen.

I’ve also seen a lot of posters up about water fountain frustrations! I know this has taken absolutely forever but we are seeing progress and the university are starting to take it seriously but we shouldn’t take this as a win just yet and must stay vocal! 

Many students have also been affected by the strikes and I feel solidarity for all of the lectures and what they’re striking for. The university has committed to making sure your studies aren’t affected by this and know that you can come to the SU with any queries about this! 

As always, feel free to contact me about any ideas! 


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