Undeb Bangor Update: October


Student Council

With the Student Council Elections over, we can now introduce you to your Councillors! They’ve started in their new roles and are ready for the first Student Council meeting on Thursda   y the 22nd of October.

There are 27 Student Council positions, each position representing a part of the student body.

Any student can submit an idea or a petition for the council to debate and put into motion, all of which can be done at www.undebbangor.com/ideas.

You can find more information about the Student Council at undebbangor.com/StudentCouncil, where you can follow your councillors and stay up to date on any news.

Your Ideas

‘Your Ideas’ have ensured that the student population benefit from initiatives such as:

  •   Exclusive online submission for assignments
  •   10p discount on hot drink with reusable cups
  •   The right to submit work in Welsh
  •   More water fountains on campus

These initiatives were once just an idea in someone’s head, before they decided to act upon them by submitting them to the ‘Your Ideas’ section on the Undeb Bangor website.

If you have any ideas that you think would benefit the student population, why don’t you share your idea today?

Once submitted, the idea will be assessed by the team at Undeb Bangor, to ensure it’s not the same as someone else’s idea. Once passed, these ideas are uploaded to a page where other students can up-vote or down-vote the ideas. The ideas with the most up-votes go to the Student Council to be debated; if they pass in Student Council, they will become Undeb Bangor policy.


De-Stresstival is back for Semester one. We are taking a different approach this semester, instead of a week of events, we will be holding one online event and in-person event each month. For more information on any of the events please head over to our page.

Mental Health Drop ins

Remember that every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm you can join our online group discussion with the Mental Health Advisors and Connect@Bangor to talk about all aspects of well-being. You are under no obligation to speak; you can just listen and, if needed, private message one of the Mental Health Advisers to request an appointment in the drop-in session that follows. To join these sessions, contact brajna.greenhalgh@bangor.ac.uk.

This could be for you if …

  •   You want to have an initial chat with a Mental Health Adviser
  •   You want to find out about support available
  •   You are concerned about increasing levels of anxiety / exam or study stress
  •   You are losing sleep due to worrying
  •   You have concerns about a friend or housemate

Black History Month – Insight Workshops Black Lives Matter

Black History Month is a time for us to come together and hopefully learn lessons for the present and the future. It’s a time to honour the commitment to learning and standing united against racism. It’s a time to reclaim history and re-imagine how our shared history will be told in the future. In years gone by, October has been the only time of year when the UK talks about the achievements of Black people in Britain. Hopefully, the events of 2020 will be a catalyst for Black history to be shared much more widely.

We have a series of Student-Led Insight Workshops titled ‘More than the 10th Month’ available now- and stretching well into December, because we want to celebrate black people more than the 10th month of the year. Insight is a series of workshops that set out to celebrate black history, black contribution and black people’s achievements in the UK. Topics will include black history in the UK, legal advice, support networks, black contribution in Wales and so much more.

Sign up for these workshops at this link.

All Student Meeting

It’s that time of year again, when the All Student Meeting takes place. This is your chance to hold your Sabbatical Officers accountable for the year, hear what they’ve been up to, receive financial reports, pass policies and tell us what you want from your Students’ Union.

The All Student Meeting will take place on Thursday 21st October at 16:30 via Zoom.

You can submit your questions for the Sabbatical Officers by following this link.

For more information visit the All Students Meeting page.

Worried you might forget to attend? Why not pop a reminder in your calendar by clicking here.


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