We are Undeb Bangor, your Students’ Union. We’re here to represent you during your time as a student in Bangor, through 4 elected Sabbatical Officers who were once students as well! We’re fully aware that this year is going to be different from all others, but we will continue to provide our services online including our academic advice service, and our full representation support. This includes course reps and, through our student-led groups, activities taking place online and in-person if possible. All activities will follow government guidance. We have had to adapt how we work, much like the rest of the world.

For all our society, volunteering, and club events, head over to our events section on our website at www.undebbangor.com/events. To keep up to date with all our activities and updates make sure you follow us on social media:

  • Facebook @BangorStudentsUnion
  • Twitter @BangorStudents
  • Instagram @Undeb_Bangor

Course Reps

With a new year comes new Course Reps! Course reps are the students at the forefront, fighting for positive changes that affect your academic experience. They are essential to make sure the student voice is being heard and listened to by the University.

Being a course rep gives you an opportunity to work with both your school and the Students’ Union to improve the student experience, make changes to your course and curriculum, and put on events for your cohort. You can find loads of information about what it’s like to be a course rep and why you should get involved at www.undebbangor.com/coursereps.

If you’re interested in becoming a course rep, all you need to do is go to www.undebbangor.com/coursereps and sign up. The sign up period is open until Sunday, October the 4th.

If you have any questions just email coursereps@undebbangor.com.

Student Council Elections

The Student Council is a body of elected student representatives that exist to debate ideas, run campaigns, approve Undeb Bangor’s policies, and represent students across the University. Every year, new Councillors are elected. If you’re interested in running, you can nom

inate yourself for one of the many positions and submit your manifesto through the Undeb Bangor website. Nominations run from the 21st of September to the 2nd of October. Running for a Student Council position is a great chance to make a difference to the student experience and make positive changes across the University. Some councillors also represent Bangor students nationally, when they serve as our NUS Delegates!

Student Council Councillors were the students that helped get SatNavs installed in minibuses for BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) games, and ha

ve been key in tackling issues around sustainability, employability and several other issues across campus. It’s important then that you vote for the candidate you think is best suited to represent you. Voting is done through Undeb Bangor’s website, and is open from the 7th to the 9th of October.

Go to www.UndebBangor.com/studentcouncil for more information.


This year things will be a little different as a result of the pandemic, but all of our society committees and project leaders have worked really hard in adapting their groups to ensure that they are adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

With over 100 different societies to join, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice in doing what you love! Entirely student-led and student-run, our societies range from academic-related societies such as the Biology Society and the Zoology Society; to interest-based societies such as the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society and the Gaming League; to cultural / identity-related societies such as the African-Caribbean Society and the LGBT+ Society; to media societies like our Seren and Y Llef newspapers, and much more. It’s the best place to make like-minded friends, get involved in what you’re interested in, learn new skills, and make great memories. The best thing is – they’re all free to join!


If you love getting involved in the local community, helping people, and gaining essential work experience, Student Volunteering Bangor (SVB) is the thing for you! Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of the student body, starting and leading projects that impact multiple aspects of the world around us, from the environment to the local community. They help a wide variety of people from the elderly to disadvantaged children, as well as teaming up with organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS) and Headway to help patients on the road to recovery.

Most importantly, our volunteers also focus on helping our students themselves! Projects such as Connect@Bangor and Walk & Talk have been set up by students to help other students to make friends, try new things, and feel welcome and part of Bangor as a whole.

Athletic Union

There are 60+ sports clubs available in the Students’ Union! We maintain the oversight of their training and their finances, and all of our sport clubs are completely free to join. That’s something very unique to Bangor. You’ll often see the renowned Green and Gold Army running around the city in their famous VX3 kit. With club sessions taking place across our three sport facilities, there’s truly something for everyone to get involved with, whether you’re looking to represent the University in BUCS, play competitive sport, or get involved with the clubs socially, there truly is something for everyone. Bangor’s Clubs and Societies are award winning, and thus have attained the WhatUni Best Clubs and Societies award for three years running. With a very busy schedule, the Athletic Union never goes unnoticed, with some of the highlights including Varsity – which is our annual showdown against Aberystwyth across 50+ sports. There really is something for everyone, so do get involved with the AU.

For more information on all of our activities head over to our website www.UndebBangor.com


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