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We’re almost at the end of our year now and it’s time to look back at our manifestos and achievements from the year to update you all! Within my manifesto I mentioned various things from kitchen facilities and water fountains to more Panopto and job opportunities and I’m happy to say there has been fantastic progress on all of these! I have managed to secure 4 more water fountains around campus which is something we’ve been asked for monthly for well over a year and I hope that this is the start to a wider rollout! I have also continued work on common rooms and there are now 14 common rooms across campus which can be located at In addition to this, 6 of them have kitchen facilities with more to follow and one complete refurbishment in Brambell.

Panopto was also on my manifesto and I’m happy to say that in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering it is now policy for Panopto to be used wherever possible and this hopefully will become university wide soon. It’s also come to my attention that some modules aren’t keeping Wednesday afternoons free and I’m looking to create a reporting system to give students an easy way to report when lectures are on Wednesday afternoon. I’ve also been looking at exam weighting, the gazette system (module choice website) and the request centre. I don’t believe any module should be over 50% on one exam as this gives the chance to completely bomb out if something goes wrong and the current way to view your next year modules is inconsistent and hard to use so that will be reviewed.

A big campaign of mine currently is about Circuit Laundry as we’ve been told again and again that it’s too expensive and unreliable so we’re looking for your opinions on this so if you have anything to say, please let us know at Another big priority is the strikes and we’re committed to making sure that your student experience is affected as little as possible so please do let us know if you have any issues at all, big or small we want to know!

It’s super busy as always however my door is always open if you have any issues! Or contact me on FB or email 🙂 (


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