BIG Elections 2019


It’s that time of year again, where student politics is plastered around the whole University. Some might love it, and some might hate it, but what’s important to remember is that student politics is what makes change happen within your University and it affects your student experience.

Every year at the beginning of Semester 2 we host the BIG Election! “What exactly is the BIG election?” I hear you say! The BIG election is the democratic process of electing our Sabbatical Officers.

Not sure what Sabbatical Officers are? Let me explain… Sabbatical Officers are students who take a year out from their studies to run the Students’ Union. The Sabbatical Officers decide the direction of the Students’ Union and work with the students of Bangor University to improve their student experience.

If you’re a student at Bangor and you feel that you’re a great candidate, then why don’t you run to be a Sabbatical Officer? This year we have 5 positions, President, UMCB President, VP for Education, VP for  Societies and Volunteering and VP for Sport. Nominations will open on the 10th of January and will close on the 28th of February.

For more information on the elections you can visit Undeb Bangor’s website where you will find the timetable and role descriptions. Alternatively, you can find us around campus on the 10th of December where we will be answering questions and giving put packs that will help you decide if this is the role for you.



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