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This month I had a big announcement that will undoubtedly benefit students and their ability to play Wednesday afternoon sport. Wednesday lectures and their conflict with sport has consistently been a stumbling point for students, with three factors that are a perennial issue for students wanting to take part in BUCS sport:

1. Persistent timetabling of events on Wednesday afternoon despite our policy.

2. The need for students to travel early on a Wednesday to matches due to our geographical location.

3. The fact that even home fixtures need to be scheduled from 1pm (or earlier) in order to fit them in and comply with BUCS regulations on travel time for visiting teams.

I have worked alongside the university Executive find solutions to address these issues. I am delighted with the following:

a. The Timetable Unit will endeavour to avoid the using the 12-1 slot on a Wednesday in the coming semester. The timetable cut-off point on a Wednesday will then be moved back to 12 noon from September 2020.

b. Staff are particularly encouraged to Panopto Wednesday morning lectures or make alternative material available.

c. Formal ‘Sport Special Circumstances’ will be introduced so that students can legitimate any sport-related absences on a Wednesday. Absences will need to be verified by the Athletic Union and students will have to undertake to make up any work they have missed. This will operate via the ‘Request Centre’ and full details will follow in due course.

I would like to thank the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Experience, Professor Carol Tully as well as all the relevant stakeholders in the University for collaborating with the Athletic Union and implementing these changes for the benefits of all!

Also – the AU has raised over £9000 for MOVEMBER!!!!!!


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