Sabbatical Candidates Announced


The Sabbatical Officers nominations closed on Monday 6th of February and the candidates have now been announced. A total of 17 candidates have been attracted to the positions of the Sabbatical team, which the Students Union stated as “another great year of nominations”.

The nominations are as followed:

Katy Hughes

Martin Kimber

Panagiotis Kokkos

Ruth Plant

Elizabeth Strange

Vice President for Education

Ankita Goyal

Helen Marchant

Katarine Roberts

Vice President for Sport

Thomas Lee

Jerico Nepomuceno

Tatenda Shonhiwa

Lily Stokes

Vice President Societies and Volunteering

Mohammed Abdulla Falah Hamza

Matthew Day

Chloe Stone

James Williams

UMCB President

Mirain Roberts

The candidates manifesto’s will be released on the 27th of February where you will be able to see what they want to represent as your Student Union leaders. There will be many events over the next month where you will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions and get to know them better. The event ‘Question Time’ ran by the SU, will be on the 2nd March in PL2, Pontio. It is always a success and gives voters the chance to see all the candidates in the same room.

Voting for the final positions will take place between the 8th and 10th March, with the winners being announced on the evening of the 10th March at Undeb Bangor.

For more information visit the Big Election 2017 on the Undeb Bangor Facebook and Twitter.


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