What could be more romantic than Rome? Bursting with the idea of love, from the heart-fluttering views of the skyline at Janiculum Hill, to the renaissance architecture and luscious gardens in Villa d’Este. If, like me, you haven’t found a love worth taking there, you can fake it and accept a rose from a true Italian salesman.

Visit the 18th Century Trevi Fountain at night and wish for love. Take charge and follow your wish by indulging yourself with an extra scoop of peach ice-cream. Perch on the Spanish Steps and watch love go by: family, friends, food in the form of pizza slices and pasta-to-go.

Is there anything more lovely than authentic cuisine?

Row a boat across laghetto di Villa Borghese or visit the ‘kissing bridge’, Ponte Sisto. Alternately, use the bridge to get between one great nightlife spot to another: Campo de’ Fiori or Trastevere.

Is there anything more lovely than a cocktail drunk outside?

And of course, do not forget the Colosseum, or if the heat gets too much, take a step inside St. Peter’s Basilica and visit the world’s largest basilica to Christianity.

Rome is full of romance, from the adrenaline of a first motor bike ride, to the tanned Italian boys and girls out on the prowl, to the decadent delicacies mixed in between rows of shops and cafes.

At the end you will have something to say te amo to, even if just that third scoop of ice cream.



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