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I hate sweetened coffee. It makes me feel ill. All I can taste is sweet and bitter at the same time, so the main empty coffee-shaped hole in my life has been the pre-made sachets. They just taste bad to me. And as the days get shorter and a lot colder, I’ve been desperately searching for an instant coffee sachet that will get me through the Autumn months.

Last Christmas, my mom was bought a Tassimo coffee maker by my Grandfather who shamelessly suggested she could leave it at his house for it to be “looked after”. The family tried every beverage it could do on boxing day (needless to say everyone was pretty hyped up by New Years): the cappuccino, the latte, the hot chocolate, the macchiato.

But every one of them was sweet (which was awesome in the hot chocolate). Unfortunately for fuss-pots like me, and the diabetic population, pretty much all coffees in sachets or from a home-machine are artificially sweetened, usually with glucose syrup. According to some forums, all the milk pods for Tassimo have sugar added to them. Whether this is to make the milk taste more ‘normal’ or whether it is to help preserve them, I’d advise avoiding them if you are cautious about your sugar intake.

Reading the ingredients of my boyfriend’s favourite instant cappuccino, the first listed is sugar. The second is instant coffee, the third is glucose syrup. With 6.4g of sugar per serving, comparing that to a new instant coffee creamer mix which has 1.2g per serving, there is no denying that I have finally found something that works for me. It can’t replace stove-top coffee, but it’s handy for out and about (or when the house has run out of milk). “Nescafe Original Unsweetened Taste 2 in 1” is now my go-to coffee.


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