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I am loving this lovely sunshine we have had for the last two weeks, and if there’s anything I like more than relaxing outside in the sun, it’s relaxing outside in the sun with a drink in my hand. Because of this gorgeous weather and the fact that this is, in case you haven’t noticed, Sexy Seren this editions cocktail section has been inspired on the dirtiest, sexiest named drinks. Despite their namesakes all of these drinks are delicious, refreshing and perfect for sharing with friends while we have this amazing weather.

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the beach
Come on everybody, to make this drink you will need

– 1 shot of vodka
– 2 shots of peach Schnapps
– 100ml orange juice
– 100ml cranberry juice
– 1 tsp lemon juice

This is really easy to make and very flavoursome, simply mix all of the ingredients together and mix to make sure they’re all blended. Then serve the drink over ice in a tall glass



Screaming Orgasm

To make this drink you will need

– 2 shots of Irish Cream (i.e. Baileys)
– 1 shot of Vodka
– 1 tsp gorund coffee

To prepare a screaming orgasm mix the vodka and Irish Cream with the ground until the coffee has been fully dissolved into the mixture. Then serve the drink over crushed ice, this drink has a kick to it and I’d only recommend it to coffee lovers


Bend Over ShirleyBoS

To make this drink

– 1 shot of Vodka
– 1 shot of Grenadine
– Splash Cranberry Juice
– Lemonade

The Bend Over Shirley is a really delicious, easy to make drink and is very easy going due to its sweetness so I can recommend it to those of you who aren’t huge drinkers. To prepare the Bend Over Shirley simply mix all the alcohol and cranberry juice and pour into a soda glass half filled with ice. Then top up with lemonade and stir to make sure it’s all mixed in.


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