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What if I told you that you could shed the pounds by eating an ice-lolly? Well I say pass me that Calippo!

The newest and cheapest diet to hit us is the ‘Ice Diet’. Forget about going out and trying to search the produce isle for that exotic vegetable that will shape up your body, when all you need to do is head to your freezer.

No, we are not suffering from brain freeze- according to scientists more energy is used to digest colder foods than warm ones. It is reckoned that eating a liter of shaved, blocked or crushed ice can burn up to 160 calories- the same amount you burn running a mile! According to nutritionists, doing this everyday along with eating your regular meals could make you lose 12 lbs. over a course of a year.

Not saying that you should eat trays of ice everyday but instead of hunting for that sweet craving, head to the freezer and you’ll end up consuming a lot less calories.

The University of Nottingham has also launched a study into the positives effects of ice cream and sorbets on the good fats in your body and how they burn through sugars in your bloodstream.

The science behind it looks at the fact that you metabolic rate has to quick in quicker because your body has to use more energy to heat the ice to body temperate for it to be digested.

Dr Brian Weiner, the ambassador of the diet, has even gone so far as to rename the frozen calorie count in frozen foods as ‘icals’. Here are some frozen foods that are a perfect student staple to add to your shopping list:


  • Slush Puppies (32 icals)
  • Lemonade Ice Lolly (42 icals)
  • Ice Pop ( 0 icals)
  • Calippo Orange (72 icals)
  • Margarita (105 icals)
  • Starbucks Fruit Frappuccino (170 icals)

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