So what happens when two Bangor students, who love trying out the more weird and wonderful recipes and secretly wish they lived a few decades ago, run out of ingredients? They decide to go old school and rediscover the word which probably brings back food and queuing nightmares for many, rationing.

The point of rationing was not to have a lot, but to have a little bit of everything. So being students who want to save money, but refuse to develop scurvy, we’ve realised that the answer to balancing healthy eating with a healthy bank balance was staring us in the face all this time! Sonic Spatulas at the ready, we’re going to keep calm and cook on as we revert back to rations!

As a nation we love to grumble, but in actual fact we were further from starvation than the rest of Europe, and really were better off with our Ministry of Food than many places. In Japan they were being encouraged to eat snakes and sawdust, not something we want to recreate! If anything the nation should have been thanking the Ministry of Food as it was the healthiest we have ever been as a nation, as infant mortality in declined and life expectancy rose – discounting deaths caused by war and hostilities of course! So, with a local butcher’s who was at the heart of our war-time Welsh community, who can resist delving into the past to see how we many rations we can recreate and turn into healthy food to suit everyone’s budget.

That’s right, we are heading on a voyage of discovery back in time to bring back for you those forgotten recipes. From whale munching to Wheatie crunching we will be bringing you an element of the wartime way of life when food was an obsession for government and housewives alike.

So stick with us and laugh with us, one tin of spam at a time. To find out more visit our blog

Oh and we welcome the odd telegram or two with your crazy war ideas too.

Love the Spam Suffragettes



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