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Golf is a very difficult and skilful sport that is very hard to master. It basically involves hitting a small white ball around a course where there are 18 different holes and the aim is to get it in the hole in as little shots as possible. On the course, there are holes that are par 3, par 4 and par 5’s; this is what the average golfer should aim to get the ball in the hole in. For example, as a University Golf Club, we play at Conwy golf club that has an overall par for the course of 72 shots involving four par 5’s, four par 3’s and ten par 4’s. 


Bangor University Golf Club is one of the most successful clubs in the University, currently playing in Northern 2A which is a very tough and competitive league! Our members are all very committed with the numbers at our training session at Llangefni driving on Tuesday at 7pm being very healthy this year. There are a range of abilities in the golf team ranging from complete beginners to players who have low handicaps who have represented their counties.

Many people view golf as a fairly simple sport where it is easy to hit the ball straight and far. However this is not the case, and is one of the reasons why golf is such an addictive sport is because once you start playing, although at the start many people will really struggle, it is that one or two good shots that will stick in their mind and make them want to come back and hit even more good shots next time. The 12 people who have memberships at Conwy will understand that the mental side of golf is almost as important as the skill side, as without a good mental game a player will really struggle to stay composed in a match when the pressure is on. Sometimes the mental side of the game is harder to master than the skill side.


If there is anyone at the University who is interested in taking up golf, if they haven’t played it before or just simply wanting to start playing again, then please feel free to come along to our range sessions on Tuesday nights. We meet at 6.30pm at bar uno and lifts will be arranged to the driving range from there ready for a 7pm start!


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