Varsity 2014 – Men’s hockey 2s lose in hockey opener



BUHC Men’s 2s fell to Aberystwyth 4-1 in the first hockey match of Varsity.

Aberystwyth set the pace of the game early on and scored their first goal within the first 5 minutes, after a defensive error from Bangor. This was followed by a second goal shortly afterwards.

Bangor highlighted that one of their problems was their lack of play on the wings. This was coupled with some lack of communication.

Despite this, Bangor kept pressing into the Aberystwyth half, winning key plays and couple of short corners. They were eventually rewarded with a goal at close range from Mike Hinchliffe.

At the beginning of the second half, Bangor upped the intensity and the game certainly got a bit more aggressive.

However, Aberystwyth responded with a third goal and they continued to attack the goal.

However, they were denied numerous times by Bangor goalie Jon Williams, but still added a fourth goal in the last 5 minutes.

There was certainly enough support for both teams on the sidelines. Despite the fact Aberystwyth’s support their men’s rugby union team, the other three Bangor hockey teams certainly matched them for noise and banter. For example, when Aberystwyth scored their third goal, there came the chant “We’re gonna win 5-3!”

There was also the support from Bangor’s cheer leading squad.

Captain Tom Tremlett credited those on the sidelines for their continuous support  throughout the game.

Bangor did field a relatively inexperienced side, as they include a mix of regular 2s players, freshers and third team players in their final year.

Despite this, Tremlett thought the weakened side played well, with standout performances including himself, Williams in goal, attacking-midfielder Henry Adams and winger Ross Egan.


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