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On the 16th November 2013, the Bangor University’s dance society hosted an event they called ‘Strictly come Bangor’. This was a charity event in which the society raised an impressive total of £210. They donated £110 of this to Children in Need and kept £100 for the society, well deserved considering how successful the event was!

It has been described as a fun filled night with a wide audience as people from all kinds of different societies fighting for their chance to win. Members representing their respective society were partnered up and had to dance with their ‘professional’ dancing partner from the Bangor University Dancing Society, giving them a chance to express their skills in dance.

There were a large variety of types of dance on show during the event. The types of dance went from a nice, slow jazzy type to dancing the hula! The variety of dances mixed it up for the whole competition, making each one just as entertaining as the other. Each dance was scored by four judges and then it was passed onto the audience for their chance to have a vote. The lucky winner was a member of the women’s rugby team who danced in the style of Latin and ballroom. Congratulations!

On Sunday 15th December, the dance society are hosting yet another event. This is the Christmas dance show which will take place in JP hall at 1pm and 6pm. Involved in this event will be a large variety of dances from tap to jazz and, if it takes your fancy, some crazy Irish to Latin dance, and of course, some lovely ballroom dance. The society have been planning and practicing for this event since the beginning of the semester and are extremely excited to perform. The tickets come as £3 for student and £4 for non-students.

Also, in February 2014, the dance society plan to take a trip up to Edinburgh to represent Bangor in a dance competition. So, every bit of support for the society will go far and may result in a competition win for the society!



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