Paintballing shoot their way to a nomination


The Bangor University’s Paintballing Society were nominated for an award at the UK Paintball Awards.

They have been nominated for the award ‘Breakthrough team of the year’ after having a successful year last year with some fantastic results. Two of its members were nominated for individual awards as well, making it one of the most successful years in the club’s history.

This year’s awards took place at 6.00 pm on 30 November at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham.

Last year, the Paintballing Society had an incredibly successful year. As well as defeating Bangor’s rivals, Aberystwyth, at Varsity, they also took part in a tournament called the Ultimate Woodsball League, which includes nationwide teams and not just universities.

At one stage of the competition, Bangor’s Paintballing Society had the highest score on that particular field of play on that day. They ranked 13th overall by the end of the competition, being the highest placed university in the league and, to top it all, beat Aberystwyth’s team who were placed 17th.

The club, also known as the BUPS Lions at prestigious tournaments and events, is a society that has been set up by people with a lot of passion for the sport. Anyone is free to join no matter what sort of experience they have playing paintball, whether they’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran.

They are a self-proclaimed gateway to the paintball way. With a friendly atmosphere, anyone who enjoys the art of outdoor combat should revel in this opportunity. They make sure that new players have the right direction to suit their playing needs.

They play together every month at home, hosting an away team and go to large paintballing events across the whole of the UK.

Some of these events have over 400 people in attendance. They are a social team, and after every game a cold beer or soft drink is a must at the end of the day, and being with friends is pretty much all they are about.

After the awards, they are still as ambitious as ever. They plan to maintain a society that has members in the club who enjoy the sport for what it is. While tournaments and winning matches are important to them, the Bangor University Paintballing society are all about having fun with what they do and have a laugh together. Well worth the effort!


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