Varsity 2013: It Begins



Bangor’s Athletic Union has descended on Aberystwyth for this year’s Varsity event.

The coaches left Bangor this morning at 6.30am and matches are now well underway.

Varsity was close last year but Bangor eventually took the home win and a 3-2 lead in the series. This year Bangor hope to become the first team to win away and take an all important 4-2 lead.

The campaign has not gotten off to a good start though, with Bangor losing their two pre-Varsity matches.

Aber’s Riding Club took the first point on 6th February and Aber Dance took a controversial second point three days later. The vote was unanimous and the two judges both being from Aber. Our sources tell us that the result is likely to be contested.

Update: 11.20am

The first of the days events is now over with Aber taking a 3-0 lead after a close game of cricket. Things looked good for Bangor with their opponents 79 all out. Minutes later the scorer announced there had been a mistake and that Bangor were chasing 101; still a good score to hold Aber’s ‘premier’ team to.

With only 10 overs in which to achieve 102 runs, Bangor were in for some difficulty. The match ended 83-5 with Bangor still chasing Aber’s 3-0 lead.


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