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It’s 7 o’clock in the morning on a Thursday… you would think the only people who are awake in Bangor at this time are the locals, those who have children going to school. You would definitely not expect any University Students to be up at this hour, especially not after Wednesday’s “Hey You!” night in Academi – the biggest student night out of the week. This is where you would be wrong; in Bangor Swimming Pool, there are a crazy bunch of half asleep, dedicated university students who are members of Bangor University Swimming Club! You may now be thinking, ‘oh, well, they clearly don’t go out on a Wednesday, they can’t be that sociable’, but you’d also be wrong there too. There will be swimmers there, including the committee members, who will have only had 3 or 4 hours sleep maximum! They’re a hard core club!

Moving on, Bangor University Swimming Club also trains at more sociable times of the week, including Sunday evenings and Wednesday afternoons for those more competitive swimmers. The Wednesday afternoon session has only come into play this year, after the hard work of this year’s current committee members. The club continues to grow and it has double the number of swimmers competing at BUCS in Sheffield in November this year than it did last year.

The main aim of the Swimming Committee this year is to get a larger group of regular attendees; this is so that the club can add in another training session to their program to enable more people to make training, and also so that the competitive swimmers are also catered for, who need to train more than 3 times a week!

For more information on joining the swimming club or finding out how well they do in BUCS, you may find them on Facebook; Bangor University Swimming club.


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