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Archers from Bangor University Archery Club will be lighting the Penrhos Beach bonfire this year.

A group of archers from the club will fire environmentally friendly flaming arrows to light the bonfire, with another group then firing flaming arrows into the sea from the headland afterwards.

“It will require some practice, as arrows fly very differently when they have a huge bolt of cloth attached to the pointy end,” said Dan Parker, 24, the club’s secretary.

It is an annual event organised by The Holyhead Round Table, and has been named one of the top ten firework displays in the UK by The Sun. It was also featured in Yahoo’s Britain’s best bonfire nights and firework displays.

“I was looking for more things that the Club could get involved in, rather than the odd competition here and there. I decided I’d throw the question at the event organisers and they loved it!” said Dan.

Gates will open at 5.45pm and the bonfire will be lit at 6.15pm with fireworks starting at 7pm. Food will be provided at the event including a hog roast.

Bangor University Brass Band will be providing music at the event and PhotoSoc will be taking photos.

The Archery Club are hoping to put on a coach to transport people between Bangor and Holyhead, any updates on that will be found on their website ( or their Facebook group.

To ensure that the shooting is safe cordons will be set in place and the coast guard will be on hand all night.


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