Lacrosse Overload: The girls gear up for second year in BUCS


Bangor Lacrosse Club is now entering its fourth year as an AU team and has grown from being relatively small to a club with over 60 regular members. We have both male and female squads with both first teams competing across the North West region. We aim to be a well-rounded team that trains hard, plays hard and always looks out for its members.

Lacrosse is growing in popularity year by year. Last season saw both teams make their BUCS debut, which we all enjoyed immensely. This experience taught us a great deal and we hope to continue this development in the coming season. Another of our highlights from last year was Varsity which we are all looking forward to getting involved with again this year!

A sports team is a great way to meet different people than those you may usually come across and most importantly… it’s a whole lot of fun! We welcome players of all abilities and no prior experience is required. Many of our current members had never played or even heard of Lacrosse before university and are now vital members of our club. It is often said that Lacrosse is easy to pick up but hard to master, so why not give it a try? You could discover a talent that you never knew you had!

Off the field, the Lacrosse Club also has a great social life with weekly socials and a foreign tour each year. Last Easter, 20 of us travelled to Festival Croatia for a week of sport, sun and sangria… it got messy! Alongside playing sport and socialising, we also work hard to fundraise for various charities. Lacrosse has played a vital role in instigating the FeBRAry campaign and this is only one of the ways that we will be continuing our charity work this year.

At the Athletics Union Dinner before the summer, the Lacrosse Club received the ‘Spirit of the Year’ award. We are all extremely proud of this achievement and felt that it acknowledged our enthusiasm, both on and off the pitch, throughout the year. We hope to continue to thrive this year and would love to see lots of new faces!

During Fresher’s Week we will be holding taster sessions so people can get a feel for the sport, meet everyone and generally decide if Lacrosse is something that they would like to get involved with. If you have any questions for us or would like to learn more about the club, please come and find us at Serendipity (the fresher’s fair) or contact us on our Facebook page… just search Bangor University Lacrosse Club.


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