Energy Drink Linked To Numerous Deaths


Monster Energy Drink is currently being investigated by US officials as it has been reportedly linked to five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into the heavily-caffeinated drink, which has three times the amount of caffeine that 240ml of Red Bull has and seven times the amount that a regular 340ml cola has. Allegations have been made that people have had conflicting reactions after consuming the beverage.

However, whilst the FDA investigate these allegations – which date back to 2004 – the agency have warned that the reports do not consequently prove that the energy drink has in fact caused death or injury: “As with any reports of a death of injury the agency receives, we take them very seriously and investigate diligently.”

This recent update of the FDA’s investigation comes after the wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of 14-year old Anais Fournier, California, who died after consuming two cans of Monster Energy Drinks in just 24 hours. Her mother Wendy Crossland told The Record Power: “I was shocked to learn the FDA can regulate caffeine in a can of soda, but not these huge energy drinks. With their bright colours and names like Monster, Rockstar, and Full Throttle, these drinks are targeting teenagers with no oversight or accountability.”

A post-mortem examination on the young teenager found that Anais Fournier, who had a disorder which weakens blood vessels, died of cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity that hampered her heart’s ability to pump blood.

Her parents have claimed that Monster failed to caution their clientele about the risks of drinking its products. However, labels on the drinks do announce that the beverages are not recommended for children and those who are sensitive to caffeine. The franchise announced last week that it “was unaware of any fatality anywhere that has been caused by its drinks.”


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