Weird and Wonderful: Zombies Infest Mexico City


Over 10,000 people donned their best zombie gear and took to the streets in Mexico City in an attempt to break the world record for zombie walking.

Men, women and children from all walks of life got into the spirit from dressing in dirty rags to costumes that would make Hollywood jealous to take part in this bizarre event.

The current official world record stands at 4,093 people, who gathered at Asbury Park in 2010 to walk the streets as Zombies.

A group in Brisbane recently laid claim to having a zombie walk with around 8,000 participants last month, but this amount has not yet been verified by Guinness World Records.

The event in Mexico, which has topped this number, is just a sign of things to come as Zombies are becoming incredibly more fashionable, with ample movies, books and merchandise all relating to these ghoulish beings.

Some cultural commentators have tried to liken this Zombie behaviour to social and political reasoning, such as the way it reflects the economic austerity, but most participants have reported they do it simply for fun.


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