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It’s pretty eye-opening to take a step back and think about what you do during your time at University. Even the smallest of hobbies may not seem significant as you start, but as you begin to include that hobby into your daily routine, you begin to realise the time allotment, dedication and commitment you put in toward that particular hobby. I recently looked back on societies I’ve joined, volunteering activities I’ve done, and hobbies that I continue to participate and realised that I’ve hardly done anything spontaneous or creative! Life at University tends to be monotonous, and it is so easy to get caught up in the daily routine that never changes, however, one thing I’ve realised from my experience, is that putting yourself out there to try out new and exciting hobbies makes life at University exciting! You value the hobbies you’re used to more than you did in the past, and through the experimentation with new hobbies, you unlock the creative potential you have which leads to so many opportunities!

I recently felt the monotony, and in an attempt to try something different, I signed up for an exciting Welsh-Dancing(Twmpath) session with the International Office. Before attending the session, I expected that it would serve as a good break from assignments, and I would enjoy the little break and feel wholly rejuvenated to head back to getting work done, but it was so much more than that! The session was completely different to what I expected, and the couple hours spent toward it made me understand that it meant much more than merely learning about the culture. I made a lot of new friends, met people with similar interests and had an exciting experience that I’ll look back on as a fond memory! Attending the Twmpath session spontaneously made me realise that I could take up other dance sessions and engage myself creatively in learning more about the Welsh culture in an attempt to do something different!

Through this experience and others, I’ve come to realise that spontaneity plays a key role when it comes to exploring your creative side! If you don’t push yourself to engage with others and learn a new hobby, you’ll be stuck in the monotony! Though people enjoy a routine, you always need something different to look forward to from time to time, in order to cherish what you have and what you work towards! After conversing with my friends about this, I’ve realised that I’m a little late to this revelation! Some friends of mine have started Yoga classes, while others have signed up to craft classes, jazz band and many more! So my advice to you, if you’re like me and you’re just realising the potential of your creativity: put yourself out there and be confident in your quest for spontaneity!



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