‘New Again’ Exhibition At Storiel Showcases Recycled Art


Storiel in Bangor have a new exhibition which explores the theme of recycling through showcasing how discarded, unwanted and broken items can be transformed from ‘rubbish’ into art.

The items on show include examples of ‘recycling’ from Storiel’s museum collection. Some pieces are made from treasured fragments, whilst others were created from discarded broken objects which have been used in a new way.

The exhibition is important as it shows how our waste can be repurposed and reused. This notion is important in today’s world as our waste, especially items made from plastics and artificial fabrics, is threatening to overwhelm the world’s fragile ecosystem.

Some of the items in the exhibition are available to purchase.

The exhibition will be open at Storiel, Bangor until 30 March 2019.



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