Dog-Friendly Cinema Opened In Conwy County


A pet shop in Abergele has opened a dog-friendly cinema where dogs and their owners can sit and enjoy a film on the big screen.

The owners of Pet Place in Abergele, Conwy county, have spent over £100,000 building a cinema for dogs, which will run alongside their current pet shop. The cinema also has a coffee shop that sells snacks and drinks for both humans and their pets.

The cinema seats 40 people on deckchairs, and 50 dogs on mats. Tickets cost £10 for an adult and dog.

All of the films shown will be pet-related and include titles such as 101 Dalmations and The Secret Life of Pets.

Sion Pritchard, managing director of Pet Place, explained “We have tried to create a socialisation hub, so pet owners can come in with their dogs, meet other pet owners, and spend some quality time.”

Pritchard accepts that attempting to sit through a two-hour film, with dozens of dogs, will not be a quiet experience.

“Obviously it needs to be controlled. I think if, like myself, you are a pet parent, you are going to expect it. It is about the dogs and I’m not going to cover that up.”



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