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It’s the beginning of a new year. We welcome back some friendly faces but we welcome some fresh faces as well. Undeb Bangor is Bangor University’s Students’ Union. Undeb Bangor run Sports clubs, societies, volunteering projects, UMCB and course reps.This year, the Students’ Union is run by 4 brand new Sabbatical Officers and 1 returning officer. Ruth, Gethin, Mark, Louise and Muhammad are here to represent you on a whole manner of things.

You can find out more about the fantastic work our Sabbatical Officers (Sabbs) do by following Undeb Bangor

on social media or go onto our website. If you have any views if you want to see change happen, they’re the people you want to speak to! They are here to represent you and the doors are always open.

Get Involved in Student Politics

It’s important to remember that Elections happen all year round at Undeb Bangor. We kick off the year with two very important elections. The Undeb Bangor Council Elections and the Course Rep Elections. Undeb Bangor Council exists to debate ideas in relation to Undeb Bangor policy (e.g. its strategic and future direction), national and/or local campaigns or political activity, ideas in relation to activities or student opportunities that Undeb Bangor facilitate, or for the development and improvement of the student experience.

If you want to have a say on how Undeb Bangor is run then you should definitely consider standing to be an Undeb Bangor Councillor. You can nominate yourself to be an Undeb Bangor Councillor on the Undeb Bangor Website. If you don’t want to run for a position but think it’s important that you are fairly represented then you can vote online as well.

Nominations open on the 17th of November and close on the 28th. You can vote in the elections between the 3rd and 5th of October! Course Reps are students who are elected by their peers to represent students’ views about issues surrounding their course. They might represent students on a particular module or course, or even all of the students in their school year. They attend meetings with staff in their school and college, as well as Student

Union meetings, to make sure that students’ voices are heard. The Course Rep Elections also take place online. Nominations open on the 17th of September and close on the 28th of September while the voting take place between the 1st and the 5th of October. Don’t miss out! For any other info, here are Undeb Bangor’s contact details.

Facebook: @bangorstudentsunion Twitter: @bangorstudents Snapchat: @undebbangor Instagram: @undeb_bangor


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