Funny truths about being a Student at Bangor University



1) Having to explain to people where Bangor University is: Okay so Bangor may not be the world’s most popular university but having to explain to every person who doesn’t live in Wales where it is can start to get annoying.

2) Learning why Bitch Hill is called Bitch hill

When I first started university here, one of the first things that you hear about is the dreaded ‘Bitch Hill’. You think It can’t be that bad until you experience it for the first time. It never gets better, and I’ve walked up it everyday for seven months.

3) Pontio lift is a god send (Except when everyone jumps on the bandwagon)

So you soon learn about the lift in Pontio which takes you from the bottom of bitch hill to college road. However, getting the lift seems tricky when it takes a good half an hour to be able to fit inside because the amounts of people.

4) Mikes Bites is the best way to cure a hangover

After a heavy night on the sesh or even after an ‘all-nighter’ there is no better cure than a greasy fry up at Mikes Bite’s. They even do a veggie option!

5) The walk back from the nightclub makes you regret going in the first place.

You’ve had a brilliant night in Cube or Academi but then you realise that you must walk back…there is no other option but to conquer Bitch Hill. Pontio is closed at 4 am!

6) College road is the basis to all directions

So people want to get directions from you to get around Bangor. The only street you know is College Road. It’s like the yellow brick road of Wales!

7) Going for a nice walk to the Pier but nearly being thrown off because of the wind.

You and your friends decide to go for a walk on a sunny day, you make your way to the pier. You soon learn that the pier has its own climate and the wind nearly blows you off!

Written by: Emily Brown


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