Greggs on Valentine’s Day?


After reading an article this week about the popular bakery chain Greggs providing a Valentine’s dinner service , it got me thinking about the inevitable annual Valentine’s Day hype. I, like many others, find this arrangement to be quite comedic. Greggs is the last place I’d think to take my significant other for a romantic candlelit dinner for two, but for some strange reason, I love it! Why shouldn’t we enjoy the cheap offer Greggs has literally laid out for us on a plate. There is so much pressure nowadays for couples to pull out all the stops on Valentine’s Day, a table booked at the most expensive restaurant in your area, an expensive necklace, aftershave or holiday abroad! What’s wrong with a three-pound bouquet of flowers from Morrisons? A jar of sweets or love notes? Surely Valentine’s day should be about the sentiment and not the price tag! The pressure to perform just for an Instagram/Snapchat story declaring how well your other half has done this year can be a little over the top in my opinion.

This is why I love the idea of a Greggs Valentine’s dinner date, no expensive price tag- fifteen pounds for a three-course dinner for two. And there’d be no arguing over the place because who doesn’t love a Greggs? Fair enough, it might not be to everybody’s liking, but the clear statement behind the idea still stands – Valentine’s Day is about the sentiment, showing our loved ones how much they mean to us doesn’t necessarily mean we have to buy them a brand new watch or ring- it could be a special home cooked meal that’s taken a little more time than usual. As for us singletons, Valentine’s Day is that time of year we always seem to dread. But we shouldn’t! We should embrace those around us who fill our time with happiness and joy!

Friends, family, even your pet dog. It does have the stigma attached that it is a day solely for the couples but I’m here to challenge that opinion – Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by everybody. Refuse to spend it crying in bed looking at pictures of your ex from last year, refuse to watch that Louis Theroux documentary on Netflix for the fifteenth time when you’d rather be having a drink in Spoons (but can’t face all the loved-up couples) – get yourself out there and make the most of this designated day of love. You never know who you might meet. So, with utmost respect to the couples who do decide to treat their other halves with lavish gifts this Valentine’s Day, those who decide on a candle-lit home-made dinner for their partner, friend, or dog, have the same respect from me too. Valentine’s Day is a day we should embrace- so however you decide to spend yours this year, I hope it’s filled with joy, happiness and gratitude, and if you do decide to go for the Greggs candlelit three course dinner I hope the sausage, bean and cheese melt is as delicious as it is for me on my lunch breaks at work!

Written by: Abi Robinson


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