Are dreams a way of communicating your deepest thoughts?


This idea is one I’ve always been curious about. So many times, people claim that dreams have meaning, and that they could have the unique purpose of being a gateway to a new age. One that involves dream telepathy and dream telekinesis, to name a few. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; I’m pretty sure this isn’t the year we’re going to be able to communicate telepathically to someone else while we’re dreaming! Unless, writing this is a dream, in which case, I might be stuck in a parallel universe that explores dream inception. Hopefully, I’ll be able to understand this better than the actual Inception movie. Send Help!

Seriously though, do dreams have a hidden purpose? Could they actually serve to be a portal for us to access our deepest, innermost, subconscious thoughts? Let’s explore!

Though dreams have been proven to be a figment of imagination for many people, it’s also been scientifically proven that certain dreams can be interpreted as situations in life we feel powerless or overwhelmed by. Though these illusory sensations last no more than a couple minutes, they often prove to be a very important tool when it comes to the harmony between the mind and the body. Sometimes, even the conscious mind and subconscious actually! Usually, when people dream of being chased, cornered or that they’re continuously running, that can indicate that they are very stressed in life at the moment.  I’ve talked to friends, and have also dreamt of Tsunamis often. According to numerous dream interpretations, dreaming of tsunamis indicate you are feeling overwhelmed in life. This feeling gets too much for your conscious mind to bear, and often times, as a way to mentally release the stress, the sub-conscious part of your brain vents this in a dream. It’s quite amazing how coordinated the human mind is. To have the ability to react quickly and responsively in dynamic situations, never makes us think twice about the stress we put our minds through. Dreams are a way this gets alleviated. 

However, some people don’t agree with this. Some people believe that dreams have no real significant meaning, and usually occur by chance. Sometimes, if you’ve been to a place recently, seen a friend that day or talked about a particular topic and had a dream about it, its been assumed as being purely coincidental.  Though we aren’t 100% sure what dreams actually mean, or if they even mean anything, we can all agree that the mind and body are extensively connected, more than most people think!


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