Moving stories of Anglesey and Gwynedd


Moving Stories of Anglesey and Gwynedd is a student-led project intended to inspire curiosity about different languages and cultures, and to encourage people to get involved in learning languages.


Topics can range from anything related to language and culture – what being bilingual or multilingual means to you, how this affects your identity, how languages influence the way we see the world, and how this perspective might change when you learn another language.

How do the languages you know differ from each other? How are cultures reflected in languages? Or, do you have experiences of living abroad and being surrounded by a different culture and language? What were your hopes and fears before going to a different country? What difficulties are you facing and what inspires you?

These are just a few ideas. There is lots of room for your creativity. It’s all about you and your stories, experiences and thoughts!

You can submit written work (for example: a commentary, portrait about yourself or someone else, or an interview) or share your experiences in front of a camera.

There will be filming sessions in May where everyone is welcome to come and talk about languages, cultures and their own experiences.

If you are not sure whether something will come to your mind to talk about — don’t worry. There will be enough food for thought!

This project will only take as much time as you would like to invest — and there is no need to rush. There are essays and dissertations to write, and exams to be taken.

The finished project will be presented at the end of May or the beginning of June.


Whether you want to share your fascination about a particular language, talk about your experiences of having lived – or living – abroad, or promote North Wales, everyone is welcome to join the project and spark ideas! You don’t need to be a student or part of the staff at Bangor University; the project is for everyone!

If you are interested in becoming part of the project just send an email at I will keep you updated!

There is no need to know yet how you would like to participate but if you have any questions or suggestions, or already an idea on your mind, don’t hesitate to email me.

I’m excited to hear from you!

Moving Stories of Anglesey and Gwynedd

Merle Pohl

The content created will be published on a website and is going to serve as a cultural resource for schools, universities and the public.


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