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As another year comes to a close, a period of reflection begins. Be that remembering the first A you got, being put as the head of your club or society, or even just surviving the year, you all deserve a pat on the back. I can associate with the first years a lot, moving from home to somewhere completely new, not knowing anyone or what the general feeling of an area is. Those bonds forged through circumstance that grow and flourish into some of the best friendships you’ve had, coupled with those crazy stories that could only happen at university, are what defines university and sets it apart from the rest of your education. All these things I’ve enjoyed; the main difference being, I’m half way round the world.

So, as everyone looks back on their year, I’m more looking to July.  Flying back home and trying to resettle into a life that I have all but forgotten how it works could be a difficult thing, but, like everyone else, I will have the stories of the past year that I can fall back on to remember the highest and, in some cases, the lowest points of the year. These stories will hopefully be enticing enough for you to consider the study abroad scheme or just travelling in general.

Like every year, we leave behind the new friends we have made, but return to old ones, with the prospect of seeing the new ones when university begins again, or on an exciting excursion during some down time. The odd part for me is, all the amazing people I have met this year are figures that I will likely only being seeing this once. Heralding from all around the world such as North Carolina, Venezuela, Japan, Australia and so forth, it will be difficult to see many of them again. Albeit the use of Skype and social media will keep us talking, the long distances between us means the travelling could be the end of a great friendship.

So, despite the coming of July seems like the end of a chapter, it is more the beginning of the next. Those stories from the last year can always be revisited and passed on to those around you, but you never quite know what is waiting for you on that next page. All you can do is approach it with an open mind, take everything in your stride and make the best of every opportunity that comes your way.

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