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The summer months are fast approaching us, even though it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, the sun will be out and before you know it you will be relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical but before that happens I need to tell you all the top beauty products to stock up on to keep yourself looking fresh.

The summer months are notorious for drying things out and this is no exception when it comes to your lips. My summer beauty essential for your lips is the ‘Maybelline Baby Lips’ lip balm. I have been using this product for the past 6 months; all throughout the harsh winter months and it hasn’t let me down so I am sticking with it this summer. It leaves your lips soft and plump even after it has worn off and the even better feature of it is the range of colours it comes in from clear, to dark purple. Superdrug £3.49


We all know during the summer our hair can take a battering from the salt water and clorine especially on holidays so I recommend ‘Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Shampoo’. This product is a godsend for dry ends or flat lifeless hair. It leaves your hair feeling healthy and regenerated, something you need when you are off out all summer. Boots £18.50


Contouring has exploded onto the scene recently and its still set to be the hot makeup trend over the summer, where the bronzer you look the better. Like myself, I know that you all think contouring is just for experienced makeup artists out there but it’s suddenly got a lot easier with ‘Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit’. This kit simplifies the process of contouring by giving you just the three shades you need and a easy to follow set of instructions. So over the summer you can impress all your fiends with your newfound make up skills. Boots £6.49


To complete my list of summer beauty essentials I have to mention the summer classic that is St. Tropez. They have recently released the ‘Skin Illuminator’, which enhances and complements your skin tone with its lustrous light-reflecting highlighters. It catches the sun on your face so it gives you that summer glow that everyone desires but without the handwork of fake tanning. It’s great for all skin tones from gold for olive skins and rose for fair skin tones. £12.26


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