‘Souping’-Move over bottles, it’s all about the bowls



Used to seeing celebrities and fitness fanatics sipping on their bottles of green juice, they are now getting their health kick from green stuff in bowls. Though it may not look the most appetising, ‘souping’ has become the new crave with celebrities like Jenifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow eating green soups for break, lunch and dinner.

Like a traditional juice diet, ‘souping’ is thought to ease the load on your digestive system and allow it to be cleansed and recalibrated to maximum efficiency but with feeling like a more satisfying meal. The vegetable soup contains tons of fiber, vitamins and minerals, without the high levels of natural sugar found in juices. The idea of the soup is to include different ingredients for different times of the day to keep your body working to its potential.

Experts say that eating only soup all day can do more harm than good though, as your body naturally cleanse itself so if you are eating a high cleansing diet all the time, it may have long term effects. But nutritionists say simply replace one of your meals a day with a soup and this can boost your energy levels and still help you maintain a healthy weight.

A ‘souping’ plan:

Breakfast: Blend avocado, lime, coconut water and milk

Lunch: Blend boiled brown rice, chicken onion, broccoli and garlic

Dinner: Blendchickpeas, cashew nuts, onion, spinach and beetroot


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