Granny hair gone wild!


272A3EF100000578-3019682-image-a-60_1427814861131All over Instagram women are embracing the ‘granny chic’ look, dying their hair a silver grey colour, rocking the look years before their time. Would you dare to go grey at a young age?

Grey hair is officially on trend with silver hair lovers posing on catwalks and in front of their bathroom mirror, posting images on social media with the hashtag #grannyhair.

For the younger granny hair trend followers, going grey does take a serious amount of effort in the beauty and purse department, but for others it mean breaking away from your grey covering routine in the hair salon. Either way the hair trend is a liberating movement for women, as grey hair is often seen in a less flattering light, it gives a chance for women to flaunt their natural beauty or break down barriers with the intended look.

The trend is said to originate all the way back to 2011 where Jean Paul Gaultiers Autumn/Winter Catwalk showed models sporting grey bee-hives and again this month in Paris he used silver haired models. However the statement to embrace your natural hair and leave it untouched sparked outrage among fashion fans. But it can’t be all that shocking if even celebrities are embracing the change. Kelly Osborne was the first to step out in this trend back in 2012, paving the way for other celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie and Rihanna, who all posted silver haired images on their Instagram pages.

This look is definitely a statement so I advise you to think carefully before trying it yourself. If you decide to go for the look, the key to making it look fresh with a great haircut so you don’t end up looking like you’ve just given up.

This new trend is a great way to stand out and looks elegant on most!


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