Bourjois Happy Light Illuminating Primer


Primers are often a misunderstood beauty product. Many simply skip the process of priming the skin, before you apply foundation and to that I shake my head in disappointment. Primers smoothe over your skin and prep it for foundation, and this leads to your foundation staying on longer. The Bourjois illuminating primer, whilst not strictly cheap, is the most effective primer I’ve found. It is great for those windy months, especially if you suffer from dehydrated and dry skin. It is quite light in formula, a similar feeling to many skin serums and is quite soothing. In this sense, it doesn’t feel like a traditional primer as it is not heavy and tacky to the skin. But it still achieves the same effect as a traditional, tacky primer. It makes your skin appear ‘glowy’, whilst also making your foundation stay on longer. This may be unsuitable for those heavy (and messy) club nights, as I don’t think it would withstand a hot, club atmosphere. But all in all this is one of my favourite face primers and is also part of a range I love called the ‘happy light’ range from bourjois (great for us pale skin gals). Bourjois Illuminating Primer, £10.99 (and it is also buy 1 get one half price on Bourjois at Boots at the moment.)


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