Show me your… make up bag



Every issue I will take a look inside friends and readers makeup bags to see what stories lie within and what they look for when buying their makeup. To continue the feature I will take you inside my housemates Hannah, Becky and Laurens makeup bags and tell you all its secrets.

Show me your…favourite make up brand

Becky: My favourite brand is Estee Lauder as it is good quality and has a wide range of products to choose from so I’m always spoilt for choice. I’ve had it for years and its never let me down.

 Show me your… everyday makeup

Lauren: I don’t’ really wear make up during the day but when I do I wear concealer to make me look more awake in the morning, foundation so I don’t look matted from the concealer and mascara to just define my eyes.

 Show me your… night out makeup

Becky: I wear concealer and foundation as my base, I put bronzer over the top of my cheekbones to give them definition, blusher to highlight my cheeks, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes look big and stand out and then a little bit of lip gloss to make my lips shine.

 Show me your… favorite piece

Becky: I always use my ‘Double Wear Light’ by Estee Lauder. It’s the best concealer I’ve used as it doesn’t make my skin and gives me a good finish.

 Show me your…essentials

Lauren: My eyebrows are my life so I can’t leave the house without putting them on. I use a pencil to outline the shape of them and then some brown eye shadow to fill them in.

 Show me your… one off piece

Hannah: I bought a ‘Naked Urban Decay’ eye shadow palette once because there was a big hype about them. The product itself was good I just thought it was a little over priced.

 Show me… what you’ve just bought

Hannah: I have recently purchased ‘Rimmels Wake Me Up’ concealer from a friend’s recommendation. Its great for everyday use, especially in the morning as it makes you look fresh and glowing. I would recommend it to anyone else.


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