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Show me your…Make up bag


Every issue I will take a look inside friends and readers makeup bags to see what stories lie within and what they look for when buying their makeup. To continue the feature I will take you inside my best friend Harriet’s makeup bag and tell you all its secrets.

Show me your…favourite make up brand

My favourite make up brand would be Benefit, if I had enough money. I bought my first benefit product when I was in America because it was on offer and turned out to be the best one I’ve ever had.

Show me your… everyday makeup

My everyday makeup is mascara to make me look more awake, cover up stick to get rid of the bags under my eyes, powder because it makes my skin feel soft and blusher to give me a bit of colour

Show me your… night out makeup

My night out makeup is different mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow palette, powder, blusher, shiny bronzer, foundation & a lip balm. I don’t use lipstick because I can never seem to do it right or makes me look like a drag queen.

Show me your… favorite piece

My favourite piece is an eyebrow pencil I bought recently to try out. I quickly came to realise I definitely don’t suit draw on eyebrows, but on the other end is a small brush which I use because I have quite unruly eyebrows.

Show me your…essentials

My essentials are mascara; cover up stick, concealer and Carmex. Mascara is a must because I feel weird when I don’t have it on, concealer because there is always at least one sly spot and I always have bags under my eyes. Carmex mainly because it’s cherry

 Show me your… one off piece

My one off piece is the shiny bronzer. It came in a boots box set off my nana for Christmas years ago; I like it because it can be used as a shimmery bronzer or eye shadow. It’s a one off because I’ve not seen it boots again, so hopefully I don’t smash it!

Show me your… Christmas wish

My Christmas wish would be a voucher for Boots because I hate other people buying me make up and as a student, gift cards and money are greatly received




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