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Impact of beauty on society


Advertisements are everywhere. From commercials to print ads, it seems as though the deception of the advertising industry never takes a day off. On average commercials are played every ten to fifteen minuets during TV programs.

Commercials sell you products that can make you look like the models that have ‘long and perfectly shiny hair, glowing skin, sparking teeth, luscious lips and a flawless face’. Advertising companies are taking complete advantage of their viewers; they instill false hope that maybe if they buy the same products as models or celebrities, that they will look the same but how is that possible if one hundred percent of the advertisement images are photo shopped and retouched.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba, who is perfect from head to toe, have been pixilated to have luscious hair, better skin and overall suit a more desirable persona. After seeing the results of that particular photo shoot she said, “I do not represent the norm because I know that seeing isn’t believing, it’s deceiving.”

In mascara commercials, most of the lashes have extensions and in lip product commercials, most of the models have an enhancement, which is all laid out for you in the small print at the bottom of the advert. The result of a product is nowhere near reality. Beauty has become something abstract that is not easy or cheap to achieve. The expenses do not stop at products but there are so many surgeries and procedures to be done to make the change permanent.

The media makes beauty something that is unachievable. With all the ways that media reaches viewers, like the music industry, TV programs, movies, and advertisement business, it is hard for the public to catch a break without being victim to the slaughter that the media has made out of beauty. With the standards that society sets for females, it is no wonder that we fail to meet them because they are out of this universe and completely unreasonable.



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