Show me your… Make-up bag


Every issue I will take a look inside friends and readers makeup bags to see what stories lie within and what they look for when buying their makeup. To continue the feature I will take you inside my friends’ makeup bag and tell you all its secrets. My friend this week is Lexi and she definitely knows a thing or two about make up.

Show me your…favourite make up brand

My favourite brand is MAC because they offer many choices when it comes to their products and also offers a wide range of colours to choose from. It is also the best brand for me because its difficult to match my skin colour exactly and with MAC they are able to find make up that is compatible with my skin. MAC is also a very good quality make up.

Show me your… everyday makeup

I normally wear Mac concealer, Smash Box BB cream, MAC primer so I have a good base, Rimmel lash accelerator, eye brow pencil, Bobby Brown set powder and bronzer. I use these products because they are not too heavy on my skin.

Show me your… night out makeup

I generally just add more to what I already have on during the day but then just add on some extras to make the make up stand out like eyelash gel to make them longer and sometimes wear fake eyelashes. I usually wear liquid eyeliner for definition and MAC lipstick.

Show me your… favorite piece

Mascara lash accelerator is my favourite because I can use it for both everyday use and for nights out so its multi-purposeful. And it gives me great results.

Show me your…essentials

I cannot live with out my mascara, concealer and bronzer because they make up a good base.

Show me your… one off piece

I once got NYC lip crayon as I just wanted to try it and it turned out to be a decent buy.

Show me your… what you’ve just bought

I bought Naked eye shadow palettes couple of days ago and I love them. I bought two different palettes so I have a variety of colours.


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