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Every issue I will take a look inside friends and readers makeup bags to see what stories lie within and what they look for when buying their makeup. To kick off the feature I will take you inside my very own makeup bag and tell you all its secrets.


 Show me your…favourite make up brand

As you will probably tell throughout the questions, my brand of choice is Rimmel. I have found that it is the best brand for my skin and its never let me down in quality or price.


Show me your… everyday makeup

The make up that I wear on a day-to-day basis is probably just to cover up or highlight. I use Rimmel ‘professional eyebrow pencil’ because it has a handy brush on the end so you can get that perfect shape and I have fair eyebrows so need the definition. And then just a bit of Rimmels ‘day-to-night mascara’ just so I don’t look so dead in the mornings!


Show me your… night out makeup

The make up I wear on a night out mostly consists of dark colours like my Rimmel ‘starey-eyed lipstick’ and my ‘Urban Decay’ eye shadow palette. Ive always gone for dark lip colours because they suit me the best and I never have the time during the day to put eye shadow on so I always make the effort for nights out.


Show me your… favorite piece

It has to be my Rimmel ‘scandal eyes’ liquid liner as it can be used for day and night and you can be as creative as you want with it. It also can add a lot of drama to you look.


Show me your…essentials

The one and only essentialI cannot live with out is Rimmel ‘match perfection’ liquid foundation. This thing is a godsend!! I haven’t stopped using it for like 2 years now, it has the smoothest application and lasts for 18 hours which is perfect for an all day look.


Show me your… one off piece

My one off piece has to be Rimmel ‘colour rush’ lip balm. I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try something different to lipstick but I just found that the application wasn’t as good as other lipsticks I have tried before.


Show me your… what you’ve just bought

I have recently just bought Rimmel ‘scandal eyes’ mascara. I bought it for a change, instead of my usual ‘day-to-night’ mascara. I have yet to try it but I have heard that it is very good clean looking mascara so I’m excited to use it.


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